PAL offers attractive solutions for Catfish production

The team of the “fish people” by PAL Plant construction answered all visitor´s questions about the Catfish production for 4 days. Overwhelming numbers of visitors and a huge professional interest. Our philosophy, to look at the complete production process from providing fingerlings up to the final product at the counter, convinced the guests. Offers for complete solutions, e.g. 180kg Catfish filet per week = 24t raw fish per year, are very attractive for farmers, which are looking for another business field. The fish container “PAL Spezial” as an entry model for a catfish production of 6t/a with “plug & play” system led to first purchase requests.

The eye catcher on the stand was a INAPRO – Aquaponic – model, demonstration example for future solutions of combined fish and vegetable production.

These many requests and discussions confirmed that we offer a contribution to future fish production with our solutions. We are looking forward to the upcoming work.

Juli 2016

PAL Plant construction displays „Urban Aquaponic-models“

One of the goals within INAPRO project are solution approaches for “Urban Systems” besides the practical feasibility of Aquaponics systems.

At a ground area of 20m² assemblers of PAL Plant construction set up a small Aquponics system which were displayed at the “Hortivation” (small sister exhibition of the world's leading trade fair IPM ESSEN) in Kalkar from 12th – 14th June and since the 1st July 2016 at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin.

Kalkar: „Our exhibitors are reporting intensive and high-quality discussions with the trade visitors to us.“ summarises Oliver P. Kuhrt, CEO of Messe Essen. This innovative combination of fish and plant production was the number one eye catcher at the sector „Urban Gardening“.

Berlin: „HUMAN FACTOR-Endless Prototyping“- under this headline artists, engineers, technologists and scientists display solutions in the form of prototypes which deal with current challenges of the digital era. Central topic is the factor “human” between art and science.

The first visitor´s reactions towards our model (designed in coorperation with Ms. Wenke Förster, IGB) showed that we find great interest in sustainable food production.


Visit of Agriculture Committee of the federal state parliament Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

On 30th June, the Agriculture Committee of the federal state parliament Mecklenburg Western Pomerania and Agriculture Minister Mr. Dr. Backhaus visited our company. They learned about the results of our work, especially in the field of aquaculture. The Test and Research greenhouse, which was constructed as part of the ongoing EU project INAPRO, was place for lively discussions on sustainable solutions for Aquaponics systems. Apart from technological developments also their "culinary results" (African Catfish in all its diversity) were impressive, the summary of the guests. PAL Plant construction Abtshagen want to thank all members of the committee and the minister for the visit since it is an appreciation for a continuous search for innovative, sustainable solutions.


Research assignment for aquaponics system of University of Rostock

On 6th May the Minister of Agriculture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Mr. Dr. Backhaus, handed over a grant agreement to the topic “Fish feed-induced quality improvement of fish and plant products by aquaponics systems in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

An operational group, consisting of 4 partners, within the European Innovation Partnership, is working at this challenging project. The professorship for aquaculture and sea-ranching of the University of Rostock got the leadership. The scientific research will be done at the new FishGlasHouse in combination with the warm water recirculating aquaculture system by PAL Plant construction and engineering company.  

Partners are the Fischgut Nord eG together with their marketing company Filetas, which realizes the delivery, processing and the marketing of the produced fish. Grönefingers GmbH Rostock, also a partner, sells the produced plants by the aquaponics. Last but not least the F&F Fisch – Feinkost Handelsgesellschaft Rostock, which trades African Catfish products already to their consumers.   

All partners offer the products under the label “Aus Aquaponik in MV” (by aquaponics systems in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). Special attention is paid on the the acceptance of the consumers.

Picture: the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Dr. Backhaus, at the handover of the grant agreement to Mr. Prof. Palm