Our Philosophy of producing fish

Fish as a healty food, easily digestible and rich in omega-3-fatty acids, is subject of growing demand. Natural fish resources are limited and regulations of fishery catches exist for the preservation of fish stocks, their diversity and the aquatic environment. Long-distance transports are more and more a negative point affecting consumer acceptance. The predicted growth in global demand requires a sufficient food supply in a “fish production onshore”.

Sustainable land-based fish production means creating a process in which each single stage of production - from reproduction, ongrowing and feeding  to slaughtering and processing, the input of heat, electricity and water in addition to the re-utilisation of waste water and offal from processing – result in a regional cycle.

Regional and transregional structures of production and marketing are required for a successful fish production.  They guarantee a production according to defined and controllable standards which are essential for the production of high-value and healthy food products.

With the establishment of the producer associations Fischgut Nord and Fischgut Mitte and the sales office Fischgut Vertrieb, PAL Anlagenbau and its partners demonstrate the pathway to a successful ‘fish production onshore’. As a member of Fischgut Nord, PAL Anlagenbau founded the Fischzucht Abtshagen and completed the cycle of production starting from broodstock rearing to the sale of processed fish products all under the umbrella of one single producer association – a unique structure in Germany until now.

Product cycle – from parent animal to smoked fillet