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Hygiene - Service

Fully developed hygiene concepts are the most important thing in food production - and milk is one of the most valuable. Individual and cost efficient production solutions in cooporation with first grade services are requirements to gain high milk quality. A made to measure range of products for animal-, plants- and hygienic places can be offered by our specialists. In addition to analysis and check during running productions we offer regularly "Technical Services" to you, wich include the intensive control of all plant components an replacement parts. The wide assortment of GEA Farm Technologies distinguishes in quality, longevity and reliability.

Hygiene concepts

  • Animal  hygiene – Udder hygiene | Claw hygiene | litter medium
  • Equipment- and Plant Hygiene – Plant hygiene (CIP) | Manual Cleaner | Special Hygiene Products
Autom. Claw Bath PeDICuRx
Peduco-Products/ Claw healthcare
teat care/ lodine containing Dip
Profilac DryOff-Barrel
manual clarification Foam Lance
Automatic System Regulation


Milk Qualitiy/ Total Number of Bacterias

  • Equipment Cleaning and -Desinfection | Pre-milking Hygiene | individual refrigeration solutions

Animal Hygiene and Care

  • teats hygiene | Young Animal Supply | animal welfare | pest control

Optimal Milking

  • Optimizer TM | ISO System Evaluation | Milk Plant check | Training for milking Process M

ServicePlus (TM)

  • ServicePlus and GEA Emergency-Services for Milking plants with latest testing sets and original replacement parts

On-site delivery services

  • Delivery service direct to your stable | Mass delivery | Mixed delivery | Product examination

Services for Herd Management

  • System- and milking control for high herd performance and productivity | Report Generation and Telephone Support Service