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Milking - Cooling

PAL Plant-Construction and Engenieering Company is a Centre of Expertise for GEA Farn Technologies and can offer lead products for Milking/ Cooling and Service/ Hygiene for diary farmers.

GEA Farm Technologies is a worldwide acting Company with great competence in research and development which are used in milking plants all around the world.

We take high demands on the development of our assembler and service specialists. Regularly trainings of our experienced assemblers with new GEA Products guarantee an optimal service, bestpossible maintenance of your diary stations for healthy, efficient diary herds.

Milking Parlours

herringbone parlour | Autotandem | Swing Over | Side by Side

Variabel in der Ausstattung vom einfachen Abfließen mit Gleichtaktpulsation über milchflussabhängige Melkzeugabnahme bis zur Anrüststimulation und Milchmengenmessung mit genauester Erfassung und Weitergabe an das Herdenmanagementsystem DAIRY PLAN C21.

Rotary milking parlour

  • internally milking parlour in herring bone- or autotandem setup for middle sized diary cattle herds
  • externally milking parlour for middle sized to big diary herds

Milking parlours are the most stable setups in milking technologies for diary herds more than 200 animals. They enable smooth operation milking work and offer best conditions in terms of space.

Automatic milking systems

Alone Multibox Systeme – with milking centre in accordance of GEA Animal transport concepts.

  • foreward looking, animal welfare and working saved systems
  • use in small or middle sized diary herds
  • ca. 50 animals need one Box.
Herring Bone 2x15
Herring Bone GLOBAL 2x15
40er Karussell AUTOROTOR
Side by Side 2x15

Milk chilling

  • Schonklima für die Milch - Eiszeit für die Energiekosten
  • closed milk tanks with direct evaporation, pre-cooling and fast cooling, equiped with updated Cooling-, Washing-, control and measurement techniques
  • heat recovery plants
  • assembly centres
  • refrigeration systems for automatic milking systems

Our clients take benefits from the experience and knowledge from GEA (Westfalia).