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Stable - Equipment

Optimal animal welfare is a requirement for healthy cattle and als for performance and profits. PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company equips cattlestables for all years of age and terms of use.

It is needful to coordinate Stabling-, feeding-, watering and manure removing systems as well, to fulfill the requirements of envery age group.

Feeding systems

The feeding system includes high quality efficient feeding fence solutions for conventional or automatic feed distribution systems. Intelligent feeding with:

Mix Feeder | Free Stall Feeder | MM8 Magazin | MVM Mixer | Mix & Carry | Belt Feeder

Stable Equipment

For our clients a whole range of functional, clean and animal-friendly products are availible.

Lying comfort

  • Cubicles and mattresses for individual sized boxes


  • Easy Drink
  • Tip-over self drinkers
  • Drinking bassin – easy to clean and handle
automatic cow brush
fastflow drinker
Double lying area, deep litter
Dark radiator heater in milking parlours

Cleaning systems for open space barn

  • Great vraiety of different versions of motion types up to modern robots, for every stable size in high quality and solid design

Stable climate

  • Fans
  • Ventilation curtain
  • Roof ridge
  • Climate computer
  • Gates from windbreaking web or foil
  • Seitenwandlüftungssysteme aus textilem Material mit Hand-oder Elektroantrieb, automatische Steuerung hinsichtlich Temperatur, Wind, Regen
  • ausgefeilte Lüftungssysteme je nach Anlagenkonzept
cow waiting yard with foil seperation
Gate from windbreaking web
Side wall ventilation for 480 cow stable

Slurry technology

GEA disposes the best slurry technology in the whole world.

  • Delivery pumps and agitators – special type of devices for all kind of stables, litters and consistence of slurry
  • join shaft pumps and agitators – high choice of suction systems
  • Slurry application data – slurry tankers and toolbars, powerful and reliably, connectable to all devices of your slurry application data
  • Separators – professional slurry management, robust and very low maintenance/ manure processing to compost and solids