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Feeding - Watering

Complete installation for chicken stablesChicken | Duck | Turkey

PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company offers complete installations on your demand for any kind of poultry stables. From the first planning step to commissioning our specialists accompany you with their experience and competence. For planing a new or redeveloped poultry plant various reference farming plants can be visited. Our installed technical components have the distinction of high stability and longevity. Materials like plastics and stainless steel guarantee best hygiene and easy cleaning.

Feeding systems


  • Plastic silos from GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastics)
  • transparent, devided or monolytic
  • smooth surface, easy to clean
  • feed level clearly visible
  • optional
  • 6 m³ – 70 m³ volume

Feeding linies

  • Feeding trough for any kind of poultry
  • Pipe diameter ø 45 mm or ø 60 mm
  • plastic material with best results for cleaning
  • smooth surfaces, no edges and corners
  • feeding troughs are removable and therefore easier to clean

Feeding scale

  • for weighing and mixing of compound feeds and cereals
Feed line- End bowel
Feeding trough chicken/dugs
Feeding trough turkey/geese
Feeding trough PAL-Star

Watering systems

  • Original Lubing Nipple drinkers with stainless steel- or plastic nipples, collecting pan, with or without flushing device
  • Round drinkers from Plasson as standard- or compact drinker
  • Medicine dosing unit Dosathron-electric drive possible
  • Water distribution with plastic tank in several sizes, Grundfoss-stainless steel pumps
Feed scale
Feed line/Drinker/vent stack
Organic turkey-stable
Water distribution