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Heathing - Ventilation - Cooling

Complete installation for chicken stablesChicken | Duck | Turkey

PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company offers complete installations on your demand for any kind of poultry stables. From the first planning step to commissioning our specialista accompany you with their experience and competence. For planing a new or redeveloped poultry plant various reference farming plants can be visited. Our installed technical components have the distinction of high stability and longevity. Materials like plastics and stainless steel guarantee best hygiene and easy cleaning.

Heating systems

Between the various range of products the dark radiator heating emphases as a real energy saving wonder. The radient heat is only spreaded when infrared beams contact any surface! Even by low room temperatures thermal comfort can be given to animals.
Can be applied in stables for turkey poults, dugs and chicken.

  • RGA (air-air-heat exchanger, chimney)
  • Dark radiator
  • Infrared gas radiator
  • Hot water heating (convectors, radiant ceiling panels, underfloor heating)
  • Wall convectors and hot air blower with open flame
Hot air blower/flue-gas discharge
Bio-chicken/dark radiator heating
Warm water heater

Optimized housing conditions are basic requirements for our stables. Only satisfied animals leads to more sales and benefits for the farmers. Stable ventilation and cooling are basic components, with various demand for any kind of animal and location.

All of our installed components are easily accessible, have smooth surfaces for best hygiene and are easy to clean.

Airation systems

  • Free ventilation, negative pressure-, equal pressure-/overpressure ventilation
  • Blind ventilation, basic or thermal isolated
  • Inletflaps and lifting panels with multi skin sheets
  • Inletflaps from plastics with transparent or isolated flaps
  • Thermal isolated chimney of all common diameters, also available with integrated silencer, waste air washer ore heat exchanger
  • Efficient ventilation (Tube-/Wallinstallation)

Cooling systems

  • high- or low pressure systems | Controling with climate computer
  • reducing stable temperatures by high outdoor temperatures
  • Free respiratory tracts: absorbtion of dust | improving humidity
  • spreading of compounds and desinfectants
  • wetting the stable before cleaning
Wall mounted fans | inlet flap/ Bio-chicken
vent stack | supply air valves
Bio-chicken, windbreaking outlet