Reducing production costs by creating optimal husbandry conditions and ensuring a high energy efficiency - we set high requirements on our equipment for your stable to achieve this goal.

The technical solutions we are offering include newest knowledge gained in practical tests and applied sciences.

We put the same great efforts in the choice of our supplying partners. Their materials and constructions must be innovative and of high quality.

In addition to technical solutions, considerations for easy cleaning and maintenance are necessary to comply with high hygienic standards. This topic is currently an aspect becoming more important in livestock production.

Our portfolio includes standard solutions as well as customized individual solutions for any of your requirements.

PAL - range of products:

  • equipment for dairy / young / beef cattle and calves
  • equipment for sows, piglets and pig fattening
  • equipment and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for fish
  • drinking systems for cattle, pigs and poultry
  • poultry technology
  • manure technology
  • cleaning technology
feeding robot
feed transfer station
feed scale
trinking water distribution