Heating - Ventilation - Electricity

The well-being of our farm animals is a requirement for best animal performance and essential for economic success. One of the essential factors to create optimal conditions is stable climate.

Cattle, pigs and poultry have different demands in temperature, air, oxygen and humidity levels. Around the year their demands change.

Our PAL heating and ventilation systems consider the changing demands consistently. Therefore we cooperate with experienced suppliers which stand for quality and innovation.

    • Gas, oil, warm water and electrical heating systems are available. We offer   technical advice in efficient use of energy, always considering your specific requirements. The same applies for ventilation systems – fan units, supply and exhaust air systems – we will find an optimal technical solution in close partnership with our clients.
      • PAL also delivers process control technology for simple and complex applications for individual specific requirements. Everything in combination with a customized electrical installation, for example a house connection, a control cabinet or an alarm system and standardized interfaces for data transfer if needed.
      diffuse fresh air supply exhaust under floor
      heating - warm water - electricity
      control gas-electricity-water-ventilation