Optimising your energy concept

Energy costs are decisive aspects in establishing economically viable production concepts. That’s why PAL Plant-construction and Engenieering Company introduce energy-efficient farming systems. New results in research and development are transferred into our stable concepts and process solutions. 

At the beginning of every project we offer a preparatory consultation including an input-output analysis on the farm. In addition to an assessment of available energy sources and of daily energy requirements, possible new energy sources are discussed.

We will find an optimal and customized solution which offers an optimized use of available resources. Our main focus lies on using renewable energy sources.

Energy sources:

  • heat and electricity from block heat and power plant
  • heat from stable outgoing air
  • heat and nutrient outputs from process water of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for use in plant production – aquaponics
  • infrared radiant heaters
  • heat recovery from milk refrigeration
  • installation of energy saving lamps
thermal insulation of existing buildings
ventilation control Pal-off-stable®
waste heat utilisation from biogas plants
process-water recycling by plants