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Products of PAL aquaculture

Our African Catfish is raised in sustainable, ecological and regional warm water recirculating aquaculture systems.

The year-round weather and season independent production takes place under strict production standards. Exclusive high quality and certified animal feeds are used. We produce our catfish without any drugs, performance-enhancing substances or antibiotics.

The catfish got a unique meat quality and can be refined in many different ways. The reddish colored filet has a firm consistency and excellent sensory characteristics. It is practically bone free.

The above average content of omega-3- and omega-6-fatty acids is optimal for a healthy diet.

OPENING HOURS: Thursday 02.00 pm to 05.00 pm | Friday 09.00 am to 12.00 am
Range of products


  • Catfish on the whole – fresh or smoked
  • Catfish fillet - fresh, marinated or frozen
  • Catfish fillet smoked
  • fried sausage from catfish ("Roster")
  • Catfish spit
  • Small thin slices from catfish
  • Mince from catfish
  • Catfish-salad with cheese
  • Catfish sticks from stomach fillet for dipping
  • Catfish rolls  - rolled delicacies with filling
  • Stommach fillet on the spit – marinated or natural
  • Catfish - sour pickled
  • Canned foods, different varieties

Products of PAL greenhouse

Our PAL-tomatoes ripen in a small greenhouse, which was constructed as a test and research facility within INAPRO project. PAL (Agricultural Plant-Construction and Engineering Company) develops with several partners from 8 different countries a future-oriented production method – Aquaponics. This means in effect the production of plants (often vegetables) and fish in a sustainable cycle of materials under one roof.

Fresh and ripe tomatoes from our aquaponic system are convincing the consumer by their high quality. By the firm flesh and a good taste they are well suited for delicious salads.

Only absolutely ripe tomatoes will be harvested for our farm shop. Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself!

Range of products
  • Current offered type of tomato "Pureza" and "Cheramy"