PAL-object for WetransFORM in Nürnberg

Arts and design to the limits of growth – exhibition at Staatlichen Museum für Kunst und Design  Nürnberg (museum for arts and design Nürnberg) from 18th March until 19th June 2016.  An abstract of the accompanying magazine of the exhibition: “Questions about the finiteness of resources, but also the urgency of a more sustainable way of life are the central topics of the debates. Arts and design made the results of global (mis)use of nature and their medial presentation to an important object of their dispute. In 7 closely connected exhibition areas new perspectives are brought in into the ongoing debates of growth. The area Feed the world connects current developments like “urban farming” with a speculative design of an alternative way of food production.

PAL Plant construction and engineering company and the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) designed an example of an aquaponics system as part of the INAPRO project, which arouses great interest of the visitors.

Picture: Annette Kradisch


Catfish - present at the fish INTERNATIONAL

-the fish fair in Germany, from 14th until 16th February 2016 in Bremen. fish international – that are more than 14.000m² of exhibition space for about 230 exhibitors from 20 nations. More than 10.000 visitors of the fish branch, retail trade and gastronomy take part to catch up on the latest news and find suppliers.

Parallel interested people can inform themselves at a huge lecture event at the Congress Centrum Bremen. filetas will contribute with a short presentation “African catfish from german agriculture – producer association with a strong partner”. PAL plant construction will report about the “First results out of practice – INAPRO-Test & research facility Abtshagen”.

filetas - Fischgut eG & Co. Vertriebs OHG, the cooperative marketing organization of the producer associations Fischgut Nord eG and Fischgut Mitte eG, will represent itself as exhibitor on invitation of the customer Transgourmet on their exhibition stand. Together with 20 partners Bremen`s wholesale business is the largest exhibitor with about 600m². Transgourmet owns processing capacities und supplies the retail business, cruise liners and (inter-)national hotel chains. Our catfish, raised, processed and refined in Germany, is listed at Transgourmet since 1 year.

Focal point of our exhibition presentation will be the range of products “Ursprung”. Furthermore filetas also intends to present new products, e.g. Graved Catfish and serve them to the visitors.

You can find the great variety of this wide-ranging fish in our farm shop respectively under



New PAL-off stable® in Franken

The family Wolf from Kaltengreuth/ Ansbach (Germany) decided to build a PAL-off stable®. Thereby another practice proved housing system was set up since 2003. A bestseller, which is especially popular for family businesses in the South-Germany. The PAL-off Stable® presents itself as a standardized animal welfare orientated and also energy-efficient housing system, suitable for fattening pigs and gestating sows, for rearing piglets in combination with the heat source "dark radiator". Characteristically fort he the PAL-off stable is the combination of ventilation with negative pressure during winter and free ventilation during summer in a thermally insulated building shell. Even on hot summer days the PAL-off Stable® ensures comfortable conditions for pigs leading to high farming results and customer satisfaction. With the PAL-off Stable® a high animal comfort, low NH³-emmission, reduced energy demands for ventilation can be reached. It can be worked with natural light inside the stable. The family Wolf chose for their stable a version of a Large Group Pen with on-call feeding. By these large groups a good structured keeping area arises divided into resting area, faeces area and feeding area. The control of the aeration system is realized by a special PAL-off computer. All details of construction and equipment fulfill the specification for an animal appropriate farming systems.



Aquaponics in Fish-Glas-House at the University of Rostock

Since the middle of July 2015 the first African Catfish have been swimming in the new Fish-Glas-House at the department Aquaculture and Searanching of the University of Rostock. The Fish-Glas-House is a combination of 3 warm water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in different varieties and a downstream greenhouse consisting of 6 compartments. Some of the numerous features are the separate recording of process water from every RAS in the intermediate tank and the controlled transfer into the greenhouse compartments according to scientific experimentation. The “purified fish water” by the plants is given back into the RAS by the same principle afterwards. All the relevant data are collected, saved and analyzed with the field-tested PAL-process control “PROFI”. PAL plant construction and engineering company worked out and realized a technical-technological system solution for the fish compartment including a usage for the process water in a close cooperation with the department Aquaculture and Searanching.

On the 27.11.2015 the first results of the aquaculture project Fish-Glas-House of the University of Rostock will be presented at a conclusion event.

We do wish our research partner great success!


First results from aquaponics from the Technical College Soest

In April 2015 PAL Plant construction and Engineering Company Abtshagen handed over the small compact warm water recirculating aquaculture system to the agriculture department of the Technical College Südwestfalen in Soest. This system is installed at only 19m² and is part of a demonstration and testing facility for aquaponics. At the beginning of May 2015 European Catfish were put into the production system. Since then these fish grew well and contributed significantly to the salad production in the next room. Attached you find the first press release of the Technical College Südwestfalen on their aquaponics project.

Our activities within the international project INAPRO and the cooperation with other scientific institutions help to develop experiences from applied research rather quickly further into practicable system solutions.

Fig. „Soest´s Aquaponics-Catfish“



A XXL-container with incredible content

A PAL warm water recirculating aquaculture system, completely integrated in 45 feet high cube container, went on a journey to one of our customers in Austria. Inside the container, which is designed for a continuous yearly production of 10 tons of African Catfish, all necessary components are installed: fish tanks, water treatment, feeding, ventilation system, heating system and electrical equipment. The supply with water, heat and electricity and also the disposal of exchange water can be ensured by plug and play connections. The final assembly on site only requires bases onto which the container will be placed. The container recirculating system is suitable for newcomers, for production expansion and also educational purposes.


PAL present at the MeLa from 10.-13. September

Since 1992 PAL Plant-Construction offers information and consulting service at the exhibition on agriculture “MeLa” around stable construction for production of pigs, poultry, milk and fish. PAL stands for innovative housing systems, which combine a species-appropriate animal farming with energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Convincing examples are the PAL-off stable since 2003, which is extremely popular among pig farmers and the warm water recirculating aquaculture system for production of African Catfish. Both are results of a forward-looking development work orientated to the current requirement. The production of catfish starts at brood stock followed by production juvenile fish up to sales and marketing under one roof of a producer association, a unique structure in Germany at the moment. Already large discounters offer catfish and catfish products of the producer association “Fischgut Nord” and “Fischgut Mitte” under the umbrella brand “filetas”. The farmers cannot supply the demand of this healthy, versatile fish at present. A recent, EU funded research topic with the participation of PAL Plant-Construction researches on aquaponics, soil free plant production in combination with fish production. The first tomatoes from the INAPRO test and research facility enjoy great popularity in our farm shop since spring 2015.

A visit is worthwhile, hall 3 / stand number 360, You are heartily invited.


Treated trough water for turkeys

A farmer in the county Western Pommerania/Rügen uses 2 water treat systems with “Anolytech Desinfection System” for his turkey production since july 2015. PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company installed the customised systems adapted to animal species and stocking density. The capacity for each system was set at 5m³/h for iron removal and softening (iron, manganese and lime) and for disinfection and keeping a constant pH value at 6,5 at maximum 30m³/h.  The applied ECA – technology (electrochemical activation) for producing the concentrate only uses salt, water and electricity, absolutely no further chemicals.  

Healthy trough water improves the animal welfare and well-being with a positive impact on performance/ weight increase of the animals. Anolytech Industry is available in 3 versions (40, 80 and 120 liters concentrate per hour) and can be used variable for all animal species and different stocks.



„Competence-free discussions“ – farmers maintain on the contrary

Constructive, objective and competent criticism or discussions on topics such as agriculture are rather rare in public and media. 353 farmers from Lorup (Emsland region) contributed to an objectification of the discussion on antimicrobial resistances by setting up a mass germination test. This investigation proved that farmers are definitely not a carrier of multi-resistant hospital germs of the type HA-MRSA more often than other people. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung) assumes 1 to 2 % positive HA-MRSA carriers in general population. Concerning the germination test of the 353 farmers only 0.57 % positive HA-MRSA samples (2 persons)! The mass germination test was part of a bet, which was offered by farmers after a vehement, emotional discussion by a local neighborhood initiative against new animal stables.

Different strains of MRSA-germs (Methicillin-resistent Staphylococcus aureus) are known. “Strains out of animal stables (LA-MRSA) are of secondary importance for human infections at the moment.” (Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)



PAL presents new technics for poultry farming

PAL Plant construction and engineering company used the opportunity, the anniversary event "25 years poultry trade association Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania", at the Thünengut Tellow for presenting their new husbandry technology. As a member of the association, PAL plant construction was present with a own stand and informed about current available technics in areas like feeding, water treatment/ drinking technology, climate control and artificial lighting. Beside the new feeding pot PAL-vital for broilers, the new turkey fattening bowl, the System Animal 3000 for trough water disinfection also the first functional model of a new LED-light for poultry stables were introduced. This LED-light shall not only dim the lighting in future. It also shall has an effect on the herd for management purposes by different coloured light spectra (red, green, blue and mixed clours). Further on this new lighting provides variable temperatures (from 3000K) and additional constant ultraviolet light. These LED-lights can be summarized as a complete lighting system in stables. The controlling/ management will be realized by only one control module. The connection to the timer of the stable computer for turning on/off and dimming is also possible.

Image: turkey fattening bowl


INAPRO-project partner meet in Abtshagen

Within the  INAPRO project (“Innovative model & demonstration based water management for resource efficiency in integrated multitrophic agriculture and aquaculture systems”), set for 4 years (2014-2017) by the European Union, 4 large demonstration objects (about 500m²) are going to be modelled, built and evaluated in China, Spain, Belgium and Germany. (see Research and Development/Current projects)

On the 11th and 12th of May the project consortium from 8 different countries met for the 2nd General Assembly in Stralsund and Abtshagen. Representatives of the involved companies analysed the current reached work status of every partner, discussed first results and refined next steps. Project coordinator Prof. W. Kloas from the IGB pointed out once more the importance of the project as part of the EU research plan 2020 for efficient usage of the worldwide limited resource water.

In Abtshagen, at project partner PAL, a small scale greenhouse with a recirculating aquaculture system, the so called "test and research object" for INAPRO was visited and first practical details were discussed.


Fachhochschule Südwestfalen researches in aquaponics

The agricultural department of the technical college „Fachhochschule Südwestfalen“ in Soest is going to examine the effects and possibilities of aquaponics. This test and research facility will contribute to solutions for a commercial usage of this trendsetting production method. Therefore PAL (Plant-Construction and Engineering Company) built up a small warm water recirculating aquaculture system in an already existing greenhouse complex. The system was finished and handed over to the customer on 15th of April. Arising process water will be used for production of different vegetables in subordinated floating water culture beds. A further cooperation and exchange of information is arranged.



Chicken stables in conformity with the EU eco guidelines

In 2014 the company “Domgut Dehmen” planned the new construction of two stables for keeping broilers with outlet according to EU eco guidelines. Buildings with a size of 18m x 72m each with two compartments for 4.800 chickens (male and female). The winter garden, 5,25m wide and south facing, lighting ridges and and also venting domes in every compartment have to be emphasized. Further on large fresh air valves made of makrolon with rack and pinion drive. PAL Plant Construction and Engineering Company was commissioned with the technical implementation of the solution. In December 2014, after only 3 weeks of equipping for each stable, the first chicks moved in.


EuroTier 2014  - great interest in „fish production on land“

The EuroTier 2014 is history. It´s been 4 days, filled with a huge number of conversations and discussions at the PAL-stand  in the aquaculture area/ hall 17. The production of fish in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) as a special form of animal production reached our farmer´s interest. All days a huge need for advice concerning several topics was present. Questions about a possible integration in their companies in combination with already existing heat by a biogas plant and also thoughts about reorganization occurred. A focus of the discussions was the marketing of the fish. Our concept “From fingerling to smoked fillet” and the set up structure of a producer assoziation and the fish sales by “Fischgut Nord” and “Fischgut Mitte” in 2014 convinced the visitors.

We look forward to the challenges, to reply the variety of the specific inquiries that lie ahead of us.


PAL extends range of products

The MeLa afforded the opportunity to present to farmers the newest PAL product in the hygiene sector. Anolytech Desinfection System fights micro-organisms and provides germ and biofilm free trough water. Anolytech Industry is available in 3 versions (40, 80 and 120 liters concentrate per hour) and can be used variable for all animal species and different stocks. The applied ECA technology to manufacture this concentrate only uses salt, water and electricity, no chemicals at all. Anolytech Desinfection improves animal health and welfare with positive effects in terms of the performance and capability. We will certainly inform you about this interesting product even after the MeLa.

Advice and and distribution by PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company Abtshagen, Mr. Grumbt, phone number +49 (0)38327 433-0


MeLa 2014 – PAL present since 1992

PAL Plant-Construction offered in insight into modern stable and housing system for poultry, pig and cattle at the regular place in hall 3. Particular interest of the visitors was given to aquaculture, the latest mainstay of PAL. Already in 5 german states and also in Austria the PAL – Recirculation systems are performing well and produce successfully “African Catfish”. This healthy fish can be processed in a surprising variety because of its firm meat and practically bone free fillet. The attendents of the official opening tour by the prime minister Mr. Erwin Sellering, accompanied by minister Mr. Backhaus, Mr. Tiedböhl, president of the German Farmers' Association, and others caught up on the current situation of “fish production on land” at PAL´s exhibition stand. Naturally they tried the tasty smoked catfish snacks.


3.500 guests welcomed the "African catfish" in Bavaria

The nationwide “Day of the open farm” provided the framework for the opening of the first warm water recirculation system for catfish in Bavaria. The two farming families Oppmann and Ziegler in the Lower Franconian Burggrumbach are working hand in hand. The liquid manure of their pig fattening farms feeds the biogas plant of Burkhard Ziegler, who is now delivering the generated energy to his neighbour for rearing catfish. The built aquaculture system is combined with a water clarification by plants, so after biological water treatment, the water can either be discharged into the adjacent stream or reused in the catfish farm. This reasonable, effective cycle of materials was the main focus of attention of the approximately 3.500 interested visitors. From 9 am until 19 pm the flow of visitors did not weaken and a guided tour across the farmyard and catfish farm replaced the next. Only with the help of the numerous relatives (ca. 40 persons were wearing the T-shirt with the Franconia-catfish-logo), the support by the countrywomen and the fire brigade this turbulent day could be managed by the hosts.  Besides work colleagues and village neighbours all the good wishes to this innovative project were voiced by representatives of the federal government and the states, the district office, the institute for fishery of national research Starnberg and many more.

PAL wishes good luck to the new member of the producer association Fischgut Mitte eG with the “Franconia-catfish” and a well start at the market.



Sidewall ventilation for new cattle places in Burow

The Burower Gutsmilch GmbH is building 320 new and modern moorings for their milking cows at the moment. Motor-driven sidewall ventilation systems, which control the airflow appropriate and supplying the stable with fresh air, are standard in present cow comfort. PAL Plant construction and Engineering Company installed at the new construction in the side panel a roll-up ventilation "top opening" (double roll-up) and a roll-up ventilation “top opening” (single roll-up with door version) each with an overhead horizontal torque tube.

Now the cows can move in, always fresh air in all weathers is organized.


„Der Frikadellenfisch“ (The rissole fish)- Report triggers great interest

A report concerning fish production in farm facilities onshore in the magazine “Die Zeit” caused a flood of telephone calls to the brothers Pommerehne in Lüchow/ Altkalen. All callers were interested in only one matter – where to buy this fish! The researches of journalist Dirk Asendorpf * to the the topic fish production outside the ocean and rivers guided him obviously to Meckenburg-Western Pomerania. Together with Dr. Scheibe, Chief Executive Officer of PAL, he visited a member of the Fischgut Nord eG, the brothers Pommerehne, the present biggest producer of “African catfish” of the state.

* Dr. Dirk Asendorpf, free jounalist for the topics science and technology, development policy, ecology and economics. Employed by “Die Zeit”, ARD – German public radio broadcaster (SWR 2 - Southwest German Radio, German Radio culture)

read more....


PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company opens own farm shop

Finally, in the middle of december in 2013, the opening of a farm shop on the company site (18510 Abtshagen, Amtsweg 6) took place. Therefore, the cycle from broodstock management, rearing juvenile fish, fattening up to slaughter and marketing directly under the roof of PAL in Abtshagen was closed. 

The African catfish gets to the consumer “freshly caught” twice a week. This very healthy, rich in omega-3-fatty acids and filleted virtually free of fishbones fish is offered in a wide range of variations, so no customer´s wish will remain unfulfilled.