Feeding - Drinking

The construction and modernization of stable plants for pig production has been part of the traditional business areas of the PAL since foundation in 1992.

We offer sophisticated system solutions to our clients, which are proved in practice. These solutions subject to continuous adjustments according to new aspects like hygiene, economy and environmental as well as animal protection.

The equipment by our proven suppliers, the quarantee for high quality products, stands for high stability and long lifetime.


Feed storage

  • Outside and inside silos
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic-liquid storage tank – different media and models
  • Feed transport – feed screw, auger and dry warm pump

Feed preparation

  • Grind and mix
  • Structural and hammer mill
  • Grain crusher
  • Grind and mix systems

Glass fiber reinforced plastic silos

  • Funnel and the upper part as smooth as glass
  • Silos delivered pre assembled set up.
  • Ports for manual slides, screw-conveyor, spirals and chain conveyors.
  • Deliverable in numerous sizes.

Inside and outside silos

  • made up of breathable, uncoated, high strength but also flexible high-tech-tissue.
  • Constant quality of feed without mold formation and sticking.
  • Construction of silos andjusted special needs of numerous products.
  • Special production possible on request.
  • Ports for manual slides, screw-conveyors, spirals and chain conveyors.
  • Dry feeding system | chain conveyors and supply auger | Feeding automats | Liquid feeding system | individual sized stainless steel troughs | Double and single troughs | Piglets, Fattening pig, sows
Structual mill
Liquid feeding system/ Mixing tanks
Corn-Cob-Mix reception tank with mixer
Passing on feed/ Spiral on chain conveyors

Water supply

Water plays a crucial role in pig farming. Every single pig must have access to fresh water in necessary amounts and quality, seperated from feeding table. Pigs are very vulnerable to heat. You have to use high quality drinking and cooling systems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We like to give advice in your decision.

  • Drinking pipes in stainless steel with or without hoop guard
  • Bite nipple
  • Trough sprayer
  • Bowl drinkers
  • Pipes for water supply as stub or circulation lines, in cold stables with heating systems
  • Water treatment systems for well water
  • Installations for water and heat in staff and common rooms
Water distribution/ Medication
Soaking & Cooling
Water supply farrowing pen
Mobile dosing station