Housing system - equipment

The construction and modernization of stable plants for pig production has been part of the traditional business areas of the PAL since foundation in 1992. The product range extends from small and middle-sized stable plants for family farms in southern germany to bigger plants for agricultural companies in middle and northern germany.

Highly developed housing systems for sows, rearing and fattening are worked out individually adjusted to clients wishes. The equipment by our proven suppliers, the quarantee for high quality products, stands for high stability and long lifetime.

Housing sows

Rearing young sows/ quarantine/ Service center/ Boar pen/ Waiting house/ weaner accommodation

Waiting house/ Self-catching grid
Farrowing pen
Boar pen
Boar pen with 2 doors

Rearing and fattening

Rearing piglets

  • Large Group pen | Liquid feeding system | concrete slat panel
  • Group pen | Dry feeding system | Plastic flooring | Zone heating
  • Group pen | Dry feeding system | concrete slat panel


  • Large Group pen | Dry feeding system | plastic plate underneath feeding automat
Rearing piglets · Group pen · Dry feeding system
Fattening/ Large Group pen
Ecological fattening accomodation

Liquid manure technology

The circle of equipment offers for your pig farm is closed with manure technology. We plan, deliver and set up manure systems including basins for new constructions and replacement investments upon your wishes.

Pump technology

  • Long shaft pump · guide tube in stainless steel | Submersible pump · Case and slideway in stainless steel | Rotary pump

Stirring technology

  • Agitators · stationary and mobile application | stationary agitator · Case and slideway in stainless steel | Agitators for manure tanks · Preliminary tanks and in Slalom system


  • Suitable for cattle and pig manure | for Biogasplants | mobile units · deliverable in plug and play solutions


  • Pipe lines | Valves | Inlets for manure removal by pipe
Long shaft pump
Submersible agitators
Large blade agitators
Mobile separator system