The construction and modernization of stable plants for pig production has been part of the traditional business areas of the PAL since foundation in 1992.

The development of the PAL-off-Stable®, an energy-saving alternative to conventional pigsties using negative pressure, became a bestseller in 2003. Especially among farmers in sozthern germany this husbandry system enjoys high popularity. The intense work with the new technology leads the self-developed ventilation control by wall foils and fans to a even more sophisticated system. Our clients benefit from this process. Numerous reference farms are open to share experiences with interested people.

  • The PAL-off-Stable® presents itself as a standardized animal welfare orientated and also energy-efficient housing system, suitable for fattening pigs and gestating sows, for rearing piglets in combination with the heat source "dark radiator".
Pig stable with automated feeders
Free ventilation during summer time
Ventilations controllers
Light & air
Ventilation, control, regulation
Chain conveyors

In a thermally insulated building shell a combinaton of ventilation with negative pressure in winter and free ventilation in summer is set up. Even on hot summer days the PAL-off stable® ensures comfortable conditions for pigs leading to high farming results and customer satisfaction!

  • high animal comfort
  • low NH3-emmission
  • reduced energy demands
  • natural light inside the stable