Stable climate

The construction and modernization of stable plants for pig production has been part of the traditional business areas of the PAL since foundation in 1992. The offer extends from small and middle-sized stable plants for family farms in southern germany to bigger systems for agricultural companies in middle and northern germany.

Pigs belong to the divas of the great animal species as a result of their high demands on stable climate and susceptibility to heat. There for we do keep an eye on high developed and pactice proved ventilation systems. The Pal-off-StallĀ® as a standardized housing system is the best example.

The greater the choice - the more the effort!
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Exhaust air underfloor extraction
Cooling with Coolpads
Central exhaust tube
Room heating fancoil

Climate technology

  • Realization of ventilation according to local conditions and official designation, negative, balanced and positive ventilation
  • Free airing in Pal-off-StallĀ® and outdoor climate stable
  • Plastic valve with transparent or isolated flaps for supply air and central exhaust tube
  • Thermally insulated exhaust tubes with silencer
  • Exhaust air washer and heat exchanger in different designs
  • Efficient ventilators (tube or wall mounted), frequency controlled systems
  • Colling the stable: Coolpad, high and low pressure systems
  • Heating the stable: Convector for Natural and Liquid Gas, warm water heaters, heaters for staff and common rooms, heat exchanger and pipe installation for integrating biogas plants
  • Underfloor and zone heating system for piglet pen and rearing piglets, even in combination with communal heating/ power station
  • Delivery and integration of communal heating/ power station and emergency power system