Current projects

The main focus of the research projects that PAL is involved in lies on aquaculture.

Cooperation project Process water use

  • Currently according to the fish species 10-20% of the process water of warm water recirculating aquaculture systems will be exchanged everyday to provide and obtain optimal husbandry conditions. A possible utilisation of the process water, which is enriched with fish excrements and feed trmains, is the agricultural use/ irrigation.
  • An alternative is further development of the principle of planted soil filters so it can be used for the treatment of process water of warm water recirculating aquaculture systems. By the integration of a denitrification step the recirculation rate shall be increased and the amount of fresh water shall be decreased.
  • The content and task of this cooperation project is the development of an integrated planted soil filter as a step of an energy-efficient treatment of process water in closed aquaculture systems in the example of rearing the African Catfish [Clarias gariepinus].

This coorperation project , supported by the DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt), is going to be carried out by PAL Agricultural Plant-Construction and Engineering Company together with the partners TU Berlin/ FG Siedlungswasserwirtschaft, Joachim Krüger Pflanzenkläranlagen Duckwitz and  OtterWasser GmbH Lübeck. In autumn 2016 the new system shall be market-ready.

INAPRO* EU-Project

  • 18 Partners from eight countries work together in a project for four years.  The project`s focus lies on aquaculture and aquaponics.
  • PAL is one of five members from Germany.
  • Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics (water-based plant production). 
  • The technology allows the combined use of water, nutrient, energy and area to produce fish and plants.  The treated wastewater of fish farming serves as a nutrient source for the cultured plants. The  INAPRO project is set up to analyse the technical and economic feasibility of production-scale aquaponics and to promote aquaponics and to promote aquaponics systems in food production.
  • Models of four big aquaponics demonstration plants (500m2) at sites in Germany, Spain, Belgium and China will be created, afterwards built and evaluated. PAL will be significantly involved in the construction of the plants.
  • „INAPRO“ opens new market opportunities for constructors and operators of aquaponics systems within and outside of Europe.


* “Innovative model & demonstration based water management for resource efficiency in integrated multitrophic agriculture and aquaculture systems”