Our PAL Produts include benefits that result from our own development and from our cooperation with research institutes. If customers decide for our PAL products we make these technical advances available.




With our aim to create a pig husbandry system that is animal-welfare oriented as well as energy-efficient, the PAL- off Stable® was the result of our development efforts. A new standardized housing system providing proper welfare conditions was created. In a thermally insulated building shell a combination of ventilation with negative pressure in winter and free ventilation in summer is set up. Even on hot summer days the PAL- off Stable® ensures comfortable conditions for pigs leading to high farming results and customer satisfaction.

  • high animal comfort
  • low NH³-emmission
  • reduced energy demands
  • natural light inside the stable

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PAL-off Stable®

PAL Heating System Dark Radiator

PAL Plant-Construction and Engineering Company adapted the well-known principle of dark radiators to the conditions in poultry and pig stables. Infrared radiation is transferred nearly without losses through air and fulfills its heating effects when striking on a surface. Even at very low indoor temperatures thermal comfort is created with a high energy efficiency. Supply and exhaust air system of the burner are outside the stable, without any open flame inside the stable!

principle by PAL "dark radiation heating system"

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

There is a growing demand for innovative solutions for a reasonable and efficient use of heat from biogas plants, solar energy systems and heat pumps. By offering RAS for indoor fish farming, PAL is able to offer new perspectives and business segments for farmers and other producers for the utilization of excess waste heat.

In RAS healthy food fish can be produced regionally in a sustainable way independent from the exploitation of ocean resources.

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

PAL-Dosiermeister "feed dosage master"

The PAL Dosiermeister guarantees optimal fish growth in recirculation systems by ensuring an automated and exact feed dosage. It helps to reduce working time spent for weighing feed and to avoid feed losses and feeding mistakes. Feed dosage is based on a daily growth-based calculation for every single fish tank.

  • Our feed dosage station can be also adapted for calf, pig and poultry feeding. It is made for applications where exact data on feed usage and feed conversion is needed.

PAL- feed dosage master

PAL-ProFi „PROcess-Control-FIsh“

Our process control leaves nothing to chance. Computer-based, modular in design, supplied with central data retrieval - it is made to optimize husbandry conditions and production ensures.